Gravity Gold Earrings Gravity Gold Earrings

Gravity Gold Earrings

From the life-giving Sun to its emotionally-charged Moon mate, the circle is a universal, sacred and divine symbol. These gold-plated earrings embody wholeness and...
30.000 KD 20.000 KD
Summer Bracelet Summer Bracelet

Summer Bracelet

Inspired by Berber ornamentation, balmy nights and exotic lands. The use of bells and gold wrapping act as symbols of protection and ward off...
9.000 KD 5.000 KD

Astart Horn Necklace

Astarte is the Phoenician Venus of love and war, and the deity of manifestation. Let your mind be the fertile ground of the life...
33.000 KD
Amie Necklace Amie Necklace

Amie Necklace

Amie means "friend" in French. Celebrate special bonds and connections.  Material Detail Thin rope linked with brass and rope combinations and finished with brass...
38.000 KD 19.000 KD

Amie bracelet

Amie means "friend" in French. Celebrate special bonds and connections. Material Detail  Custom brass stud with a surgical steel pin and linked with brass...
26.000 KD

Bamboo Sunglasses

Theses Bamboo polarized sunglasses are eco friendly, colorful and fun.
12.000 KD

Tumba Wood Link Bracelet

The chunky chain statement bracelet you need. The Tumba Link Bracelet features perfectly oversized chain links that drape on your wrist. In Swahili, Tumba...
45.000 KD

Ellipse Anklet

By linking together style and social impact, the delicate Ellipse Anklet makes a subtle yet impactful statement. Handcrafted by artisans from Kenya in 24k...
25.000 KD

Mwenzi Horn Pendant

Inspired by two halves of a seed that intends to grow, the Mwenzi Horn Pendant features an organic-shaped charm in mixed materials. In Swahili,...
28.000 KD

Meta Bar Necklace

Enter the layering essential. our Meta Bar Necklace. Features a textured bar charm that drops from a classic chain. Style it solo or wear...
18.000 KD
Sold out
Tumba Collar Necklace Tumba Collar Necklace

Tumba Collar Necklace

The chunky chain statement necklace you need. The Tumba Link Collar Necklace features perfectly oversized chainlinks that drape at collar length. In Swahili, Tumba...
58.000 KD

Meta Huggie studs

A playful silhouette made to complement your earring stack – the shape hugs your ear creating an eye-catching, cuff-like effect. The Meta Huggie Studs...
15.000 KD

Meta Bar studs

A playful pair made to complement your earring stack. An asymmetrical pair, the Meta Bar Studs feature a classic bar shape with a clean...
15.000 KD
Sold out
Fuliwa Climber Stud Fuliwa Climber Stud

Fuliwa Climber Stud

An eye-catching yet effortless statement earring with high shine and major impact. The Fuliwa Climber Studs feature a folded, wavy-effect silhouette. Handcrafted by our...
20.000 KD

Nyundo Ear Cuff

This dimensional ear cuff makes a stunning addition to your ear stack. The Nyundo Ear Cuff features a layered, nest-like effect with hammered textural...
20.000 KD

Fuliwa Teak Stacking Ring

With high-shine and substantial impact, the Fuliwa Teak Stacking Rings feature a textural wavy effect juxtaposed with a sustainable teak band. Handcrafted by artisans...
14.000 KD

Hair Claw

-Length: 4.5'' (11 cm) -Gold Metal The trendiest hair accessory for Fall, featuring minimalist lines.  These clips provide the perfect hold with flexible grips to keep your...
5.000 KD

Daisy Scrunchie

Femme Faire Daisy Scrunchie -oversized scrunchie -embroidered daisies -comfort stretch -7’ wide ruffles -handmade in Canada    Upgrade that low bun with this ultra...
6.000 KD

Revived Denim Knotted Headband

-comfort fit satin base-width 1.5"/4cm-proudly handmade in Canada-made using re-purposed denimHere’s a way to make sustainable fashion choices and look stunning! All fabrics from...
10.000 KD

Revived Denim Pearl Headband

 -comfort fit satin base -width 1.5"/4cm -handpressed pearls -upcycled denim -proudly handmade in Canada Adorned in pearls this pretty headband was meant for someone special!  All...
10.000 KD
Sold out
Black Pearl Headband Black Pearl Headband

Black Pearl Headband

-comfort fit satin base-width 1.5"/4cm -handpressed pearls -proudly handmade in Canada The prettiest headband adorned in white pearls. For everyday & every special occasion.
10.000 KD
Sold out
Brooch Headband Brooch Headband

Brooch Headband

Femme Faire Padded Headband -comfort fit satin base -width 1.5"/4cm -proudly handmade in Canada -adorable bug brooch detail   Next level-The padded headband is a...
15.000 KD

Textured Knit Headband

Femme Faire Knotted Headband -comfort fit satin base -width 1.5"/4cm -proudly handmade in Canada -knotted detail This signature accessory can be worn with a...
10.000 KD

Rosette Headband

Femme Faire Rosette Headband -comfort fit satin base-width 1.5"/4cm -handcrafted  -five individually handcrafted roses   Update your look with a luxurious floral crown. Our Rosette headbands...
10.000 KD
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