Eissa & Jude

Farm Set II

34.000 KD
34.000 KD
Subtotal: 34.000 KD

Celebrating imaginative play.

This set includes the following :

  1. 1 Bayt Hamam
  2. 1 Cow
  3. 1 Donkey
  4. 1 Goat
  5. 1 Chicken
  6. 1 Sheep
  7. Flower
  8. Rabbit
  9. Goose
  10. Lamb

Age: 3+

Materials: Maple wood, Oil coating 

Made in Kuwait

Colors may vary

Eissa & Jude is a Kuwaiti wooden toy brand made to inspire mindful play in all children. It draws on the amazing resources already available in the region - created, designed and produced in Kuwait by local talent, at a beautiful family farm. The team comes together to make those unique wooden toys, focusing on representing the Gulf inspired by all they've grown up to see in this vast unexplored desert land!

Eissa & Jude is a eco-friendly brand. They source eco-friendly, non-toxic, and superior materials to create our toys. They have the environment and their own children in mind, looking for wood from sustainable forests with the least environmental impact when shipping into Kuwait. Their paints are non-toxic water-based, safe for both our children and the environment.  

Their belief is when we give our child a toy, it is not taking away from the Earth they will inherit.

Farm Set II

Vendor: Eissa & Jude

Farm Set II

34.000 KD

Vendor: Eissa & Jude

Farm Set II

34.000 KD
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