Of Origin

OO. aims to reduce waste cycle where possible, including the need to import materials from elsewhere.

Both fibres are from the bast family – soft, flexible and strong with renewable crops growing in just 100 days. They require minimal water, pesticides and fertilisers in cultivation, unlike cotton. The materials are biodegradable and part of a re-alignment back to essential values, less waste, calmer living and quality.

Jute and flax are amongst the oldest fibres in the world dating back 5000 B.C. – hereof, in part along with the style of design, the name Of ORIGIN.

Of ORIGIN originates out of the Ibizan campo (countryside). Inspired by the centuries old unchanged Ibizan architecture and rural landscape.

They aim for a persistent unity in material, shape and artisan execution. Designs made for every day living. No particular period styles, no bells or whistles but a simple expression of basic human needs and limited means, creating a happy marriage between the natural and man-made.

.OO. is not about fashion, nor the body conscious or seasonal collections. Instead it is an organic continuity at a slower pace.

.OO. is simplicity, nature and back to essentials.