O’Frida is about the harmony in opposition. It is about inclusion. Of the yin with the yang. The boyish with the feminine. Of wings with roots. So you can accept yourself as you discover nuances that make you the goddess you are.

O’Frida celebrates the individual in totality. Their product lines/collections draw on the contrast between streetwise and feminine lines and silhouettes.
 Roomy, comfortable, functional. O’Frida makes clothing for women from different walks of life - beyond age, skin or body types. We take inspiration from Frida Kahlo – who loved herself fiercely and enjoyed every moment of her life. We want to be part of your story, your dreams, and your journey. And we want you – the fearless, the fun and the fervent dreamer – to be part of our journey.
O’Frida is for one who does not follow fashion. Because you know – you are a movement in yourself. Complete. Free. And ever expanding.