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This sleeveless, polka, tie and dye dress, comes with lining and brass button detailing. She has a gentle, knot-effect pleat at the waist. She...
32.000 KD 20.000 KD
Untamed Untamed


Beautiful, wildflower, grow untamed. Shibori dyed maxi dress with noodle straps and a deep neckline. She comes with a back buttoned closure.  Handcrafted in...
26.000 KD 16.000 KD

Dusk till Dawn

Blending hues from the brilliance of dawn to the inky night in the watery hues of Shibori, travel from day to night in the...
28.000 KD

Unfurling petal

If you've ever seen a petal unfurl, you've caught at least one of the magic tricks hidden in nature and distributed in time. A...
28.000 KD
Ivy Ivy


The immmortality of simple pleasures is what makes them most charming. They come around everyday as gentle reminders of the beauty in the act...
30.000 KD 18.000 KD

Whistling winds

Flowing through the valleys, crossing varied terrains, gentle winds whistle a melody in your ear. Let your spirit roam free in the unconfined cut...
23.000 KD
Shadows in the woods Shadows in the woods

Shadows in the woods

Unusual, yet alluring in its unconventional silhouette, trace the patterns of wayward shadows amidst patches of light that filters through the woods. Halter neck...
25.000 KD 15.000 KD
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